Catechism of the Elus-Cohen: Apprentice Degree

Catechism of the Elus-Cohen:

Apprentice Degree

1. Q: Are you Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: Yes, I am.

2. Q: How were you made an Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: By being subjected to the rule of the Master and of the Temple.

3. Q: How were you prepared to be made an Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: I was neither naked nor clothed, deprived of all metal, my body was placed at the center of six circumferences forming an oblong square and four perfect squares.

4. Q: What did you see in this position and what did you hear?

A: Nothing that can be understood by the human mind.

5. Q: Why is that?

A: Because I was deprived of all my physical and spiritual senses.

6. Q: What did you see when you regained the use of your senses?

A: A great light, a tremendous noise and three big columns.

7. Q: What did you see on the three big columns?

A: Three hieroglyphs separately arranged as triangles on each.

8. Q: What did these three hieroglyphs mean to you?

A: The three different spiritual essences that make up the general, earthly and celestial bodies.

9. Q: How will you attain to the perfect knowledge possessed by the Order and how will you develop the hieroglyphs inscribed on each of the afore-mentioned columns?

A: By zealously working without interruption for the good of the Order in general and thus I shall earn the goodwill of the principals who will join their work to mine so that I can attain perfect enjoyment of the rights, advantages and privileges of the Order of the legitimate, spiritual, Elu Cohens.

10. Q: What are the tools used by the Great Architect of the Universe to build the great universal temple?

A: A triangle, a perpendicular and a perfect square.

11. Q: What is the shape of your Temple?

A: A perfect equilateral triangle as it is represented to us from North to South and from South to West.

12. Q: How high is it?

A: Of cubits without number.

13. Q: How deep is it?

A: From the surface to the center.

14. Q: How long is it?

A: From East to West.

15. Q: How wide is it?

A: From North to South.

16. Q: What covers this vast building?

A: A canopy spread with stars.

17. Q: What are the most useful number to be used by the Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: 3, 2, 5, 6, 7.

18. Q: What us the password of the Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: There are seven kinds.

19. Q: Give them.

A: (He gives them).

20. Q: What is the sign peculiar to the Apprentice?

A: The right hand applied square to the heart and the left hand square and flung wide.

21. Q: To what do the seven signs allude?

A: S.V. J.M. MR. S.LL.

22. Q: At what time of the day are the three porches of the Temple opened?

A: At midday.

23. Q: At what hour do they closed?

A: At midnight.

24. Q: At what does the Temple of the Apprentice Elu Cohen of the Universe rest?

A: On three mighty columns.

25. Q: Where are they situated?

A: The first is situated in the East, the second in the North and the third in the South.

26. Q: How high are they?

A: Eighteen cubits.

27. Q: What is on the top of them?

A: Two capitals ornamented with pomegranates.

28. Q: What is their circumference?

A: Twelve cubits.

29. Q: Were the columns hollow or solid?

A: They were hollow.

30. Q: Why is that?

A: To contain the mighty tools used by T.G.A.O.T.U. to build his Universal Temple.

31. Q: How do I know that you are of the rank of an Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: By my signs, work and circumstances of my reception, which I will render to you faithfully.

32. Q: How do Apprentice of our Order travel?

A: From West to East and from North to South.

33. Q: Why is that manner?

A: Because I have not yet reached the stage in Freemasonry I hope to attain by the accuracy of my work, my zeal to serve the Order and my perseverance in the practice of virtue.

34. Q: What is the battery of the Apprentice?

A: Three slow knocks.

35. Q: To what does this battery allude?

A: To the three principles that constitute the worldly Temple of the Apprentice.

36. Q: Name them.

A: Mercury, Sulphur and Salt.

37. Q: To what part of the body does the first or Mercury principle correspond?

A: To the bones.

38. Q: To what part does the second or Sulphur principle correspond?

A: To the fluids.

39. Q: To what part does the third or Salt principle correspond?

A: To the skin.

40. Q: What does the solid part represent?

A: The earthly body in general.

41. Q: What does the fluid part represent?

A: The solar part.

42. Q: Have you seen your Master today?

A: Yes, Right Worshipful Master.

43. Q: How was he dressed?

A: In white, red and black.

44. Q: To what do these three colors allude?

A: Beauty, virtue and wisdom.

45. Q: To what do beauty, virtue and wisdom allude?

A: Beauty alludes to the work of the Creator, virtue and wisdom alludes to the Apprentice Elu Cohen.

46. Q: How old are you?

A: Three years.

47. Q: What is Apprentice’s duty?

A: To observe three things: perseverance, temperance and charity towards all his brethren.

48. Q: What must he avoid?

A: Three things: calumny, laziness and slander.

49. Q: Do you have ornaments in your Temple?

A: There are three: the law, the circle and the triangle.

50. Q: In which part of the Temple do Apprentices work?

A: In the Northern part.

51. Q: What is the nature of their work?

A: To construct spiritual buildings on their bases in accordance with the instructions received from their Master.

52. Q: How many sorts of the Temples are there in the Universe?

A: Five sorts: the simple, the perfect, the symbolic, the proper and the apocryphal.

53. Q: What is the simple?

A: The body of man.

54. Q: What is the perfect?

A: The universal body.

55. Q: What is the symbolic?

A: The general earthly body.

56. Q: What is the proper?

A: The physical and inferior body.

57. Q: What is the apocryphal?

A: It is the convention that man endeavors to establish through error.

58. Q: What is the attribute of an Apprentice?

A: A perpendicular.

59. Q: What does this perpendicular represent?

A: It means that all the actions and work of the Apprentice must be governed by the principle of their spiritual emanations.

60. Q: How do you serve your Master?

A: With zeal, devotion and constancy which are represented symbolically by chalk, by a pot, and by charcoal.

61. Q: How much time do you spend with your Master?

A: From Monday to Saturday.

62. Q: When do you start your hard work?

A: From midday to midnight.

63. Q: Under what conditions are you received?

A: With a sincere promise and sacred obligations.

64. Q: With whom have you contracted all these obligations?

A: With T.G.A.O.T.U. in the presence of the Right Worshipful Master of the East and of the West and the brethren of the Temple.

65. Q: What did it cost you to become an Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: My goodwill and a gold coin valued above the special and general obligations of the Order.

66. Q: Do you have jewels in your Temple?

A: Yes, Right Worshipful Master, there are three: the square, the compasses and the tracing board.

67. Q: For what is the square used in the Temple?

A: To perfect the work of each Apprentice.

68. Q: What is the use if the compasses?

A: to guide and limit those of Fellow Crafts.

69. Q: What is the use of the tracing board?

A: To adorn each Master and to symbolize the superiority of their works in the degree of the Porch.

70. Q: Why are the moon and the sun represented in the Temple?

A: Because the sun teaches us perfect knowledge of the faculty of elementary fire and the moon teaches us also the property of understanding and growth.

71. Q: What are the first elements of the Order of the Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: The tracing, the work and the word.

72. Q: How did you come into the Temple?

A: By the way of seven steps.

73. Q: Do you know the virtue and property of these seven steps?

A: No, Right Worshipful Master, but I am made to hope that I can gain this knowledge in order to attain accuracy in my work which will be rewarded by the principle Masters after a limited period of giving satisfaction.

74. Q: Where dies the Right Worshipful Master stand?

A: In the East.

75. Q: Where does the Worshipful Master stand?

A: In the West.

76. Q: Why do they stand in these places?

A: The R.W.M. stands in the East to guide all the actions and spiritual work performed by Elu Cohens and the W.M. stands in the West to set the workmen to work, to guide and direct all their material, physical and spiritual works in the Temple in general.

77. Q: Why is candidate deprived of all metal objects at his reception?

A: To symbolize the formation of all bodies built in the Universal Temple by T.G.A.O.T.U. without the aid of physical effort.

78. Q: Why is a sword carried in the hand at the reception of a candidate?

A: To symbolize the sword used by T.G.A.O.T.U. against the enemies of his sacred law and against the enemies of his chosen ones.

79. Q: Why are various signs and passwords given to the lodges the different degrees of the Order?

A: To distinguish between the various classes of workmen and thus avoid the danger of them being taken by surprise and mocked by the profane.

80. Q: At the age is an Apprentice received in the Order?

A: At the age of 21 or more.

81. Q: At what age is the son of a Master received into the Order?

A: From the age of 16 of 17, as he is granted five years privilege as a Lewis.

82. Q: What are the qualities required in a Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: To be free born, the equal of Kings and of every virtuous man.

83. Q: What does the Order of Apprentice Elu Cohen teach to its disciples?

A: To understand perfectly the existence of T.G.A.O.T.U., the principle of the spiritual essence of man and his direct correspondence with his Master.

84. Q: What is the origin of the Order to which we belong?

A: Its origin comes from the Creator, beginning with Adam down to the present day.

85. Q: How has this Order been able to survive to the present day?

A: By the mercy of T.G.A.O.T.U. whose spirit raised proper subjects able to reveal this Order to man for His greater Glory and Justice.

86. Q: How useful was this Order to the first human beings?

A: It was the base and spiritual foundation of the cult to worship the Eternal and to keep them in the regularity of their first principles, virtues and divine spiritual powers.

87. Q: What are the names of the persons chosen by T.G.A.O.T.U. to keep thus Order until now?

A: From Adam to Noah; from Noah to Melchisedec, to Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Zorobabel and his son Jesus Christ.

88. Q: Do you know how to read and write in the Order?

A: No, Right Worshipful Master.

89. Q: Why is that?

A: Because it is forbidden and I promised this on my oath.

90. Q: What are the limits of the Order of Apprentice Elu Cohen?

A: There are none; it spreads from the four celestial regions down to the three terrestrial ones and from there to all the nations of the world.

91. Q: What are the various passwords, signs and tokens of the apocryphal Elected Masons?

A: For Apprentice, Jakin, the password being Tubalkin; for the Fellowcraft, Boaz, the password being Schiboleth; for the Master, Macbenac, the password being Giblim.

92.Q: What is the sign of the apocryphal Apprentice and his token?

A: To place the right hand square to the throat, as if it was sawing the neck, then to drop the hand to the right side; the token consists in taking the other person’s right hand with the right hand, then pressing the thumb three times on the first knuckle of his forefinger.

93. Q: What is the token of the apocryphal Fellowcraft?

A: To place the right hand, in the form of a claw, on the heart… as if to tear it out; then to take the other’s right hand as has been explained for the Apprentice and press the thumb on the first knuckle of the second finger, as explained for the Apprentice.

94. Q: What is the token and the sign of a Master of this Order?

A: The token consists in taking each other’s right hand in the form of a claw as if to pull the skin off the palm of the hand; the sign is to place the open right hand in front of the eyes, simulating a sign of horror or repugnance.

95. Q: What are the passwords of the various apocryphal grades?

A: For the Elected Master the password is “Necam” or “Nekum”; for the Scottish Master it is “Neder, Bery, Jeova”; for the Architect Master it is “Jeova, Solomon, Accassia”; for the Knight of the East it is “Zorobabel, Judas, Binjamin”; for the Knight of the Sun or the Commander it is “Tito, Zinsu, Ain, Solomon, Hiram”; for the Rose+Croix it is “INRI, Jeova, Hei Halmie”.

96. Q: What is the connection between all these signs, tokens, and symbols of apocryphal Elected Masons and those of Elu Coens?

A: There are none.

97. Q: Why do the apocryphal Masons use some of our signs and symbols during their meetings?

A: As they did not have a thorough knowledge of the Science and secret Mysteries of the Ely Coens of the Universe, the formed a Masonic Order following the example given by the builders of the Temple of Solomon where they found some of our symbols, though they are ignorant of their virtues, properties and perfections.

98. Q: In which book can be found the nave of the Apprentice Elu Coens?

A: In the Time Immemorial book that has neither beginning or end.

End of the Catechism of the Apprentice.


from the journal "The Martinist Tradition", Volume 1

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