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Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order


Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order keeps in itself the true tradition of Rosicrucians and leads its succession from Martinez de Pasqually, Louis-Claude de Saint Martin, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz, Dr. Gerard Encausse, Philippe Encausse. This Order is connected with them through indissoluble Initiatory chain. The Order possesses Sacraments of implementation of such significant concepts or mankind, as the world brotherhood, true immortality, a secret of the Philosophers' Stone and Universal Reintegration. The Order is an international organisation headed by the Supreme Council.

Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order was founded on the basis of merging of two branches of initiatory tradition, — those of Martinism, that follows the way of the heart described by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and those of Martinezism, that is an operative, theurgic and ceremonial way that based on practical instructions and operations of Order of Elus Cohens that was founded by Martinez de Pasqually, and from which this branch leads it’s succession.

Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order is an sovereign and autonomous Order that continues Ancient Russian Tradition of Martinism and Martinezism, including Nikolay Ivanovich Novikov, Gregory Ottonovich Mebes and many other prominent figures shining through more than 250-years history of the Royal Art in Russia.

Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order is not a masonic organization, it isn’t a system of additional degrees of a freemasonry, etc., and it follows primary rules and establishments of the Order’s organization in both of the branches, that constitute the chain of succession of our tradition (branch of Saint-Martin and branch of Martinez de Pasqually). The Order keeps autonomy, a sovereignty, and organizational independence from any external organizations, including any masonic structures. The Order is ready to accept in it’s ranks any serious seeker of spiritual enlightment and traditional initiation, without laying down any financial or other preliminary conditions that aren’t connected with Martinism, but being guided in the decisions only by the benefit of the Order and by the sincerity of the applicant. In other words, any free and sincere person can become a martinist and a martinezist, without burdening himself with preliminary accession to any masonic structures.

Martinism and Martinesism in Russia

In Russia the Order is represented by legally constituted Moscow Lodges of Martinists - Martinezists, working to educate every sincere heart with tradition of Martinism. In the East of Moscow, under the auspices of the Grand Sovereign International Lodge and Supreme Council of Martinists - Martinezists "AGLA" of Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order, in accordance with the Charter, according to the ancient Landmark, rules, constitution and general regulations, acts regularly Lodge ¹ 1 with a distinctive title «New Hyperborea», and Lodge number 2, with the distinctive title «New Atlantis».

As the Ancient Martinist - Martinezist Order is a closed, secret organization, that carefully protects it’s rituals and sacraments, this site isn't an educational resource. However, there are on this site one can find some fact-finding, open materials allowing those who has an interest in traditional Initiation and spiritual enlightment to make idea of outer side of the Doctrine of our Order.



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